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System 10 SB ENG 2 CF


The Sachtler 1062 DV-10SB Carbon Fiber Tripod System includes the DV-10SB fluid head with 12-step counterbalance and Touch & Go quick release. It also includes the ENG 2 CF Carbon Fiber Tripod, floor spreader and carry cover. This system offers cine support system capabilities with a 26.5 lbs capacity.

Fluid Head
The Sachtler DV-10SB is the SpeedBalance fluid head featuring 12 counterbalance presets greatly reducing setup time. Similar to larger Cine fluid heads, it has self-illuminated Touch Bubbles for leveling with the 100mm half-ball base.
Tripod Legs
The CF 100 ENG 2CF two stage tripod, provides maximum stability and carrying capacity. Constructed and drawn out of one-piece carbon fiber material, makes it twist resistant and lighter than dural aluminum.
Floor Spreader
This system comes with the SP 100 floor spreader for flat surface production applications.