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Alexa LF

Veľko formátová filmová kamera so 4K Native nahrávaním

Nový veľko-formátový kamerový systém

Arri predstavuje kompletný L-F systém ktorý nielen stretáva, no aj predbieha všetky moderné produkčné potreby a prináša kreatívnu nezávislosť.

Založené na veľko-formátovej 4K verzií ALEXA senzoru, systém je obsiahnutý ALEXA LF kamerou, ARRI Signature Prime optikami, LPL optickým mountom a PL na LPL adaptér.

Systém je dostupný v 5 setových verziách:

Alexa LF Basic camera Set

Alexa LF camera body
SXR Adapter
SxS Adapter 2
SD Card
Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1
Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB-3
Viewfinder Cable Short (0.35m/1.2ft) KC 150-S
Centre Camera Handle (CCH-1)
PL-to-LPL Adapter
Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1

Alexa LF Pro Camera Set (1TB)

Alexa LF Basic Camera Set for Pro Set (1 TB)
4 x SXR Capture Drive 1 TB
Alexa LF FSND Filter Set (Full)
Alexa Bundle Accessory Set (EV/Plus)

Alexa LF Pro Camera Set (2TB)

Alexa LF Basic Camera Set for Pro Set (2 TB)
4 x SXR Capture Drive 2 TB
Alexa LF FSND Filter Set (Full)
Alexa Bundle Accessory Set (EV/Plus)

Alexa LF Pro Camera Set (SxS Pro+ 256 GB)

Alexa LF Basic Camera Set for Pro Set (SxS Pro+ 256 GB)
5 x SxS PRO+ Card 256 GB
Alexa LF FSND Filter Set (Full)
Alexa Bundle Accessory Set (EV/PLus)

ALEXA LF has the largest sensor of any full-frame cinema camera on the market. Maintaining the ALEXA family’s optimal pixel size for highest overall image quality results in a 4448 x 3096 picture, which can be recorded in full using the LF Open Gate mode. An LF 16:9 mode maximizes lens options while meeting 4K deliverable standards, and an LF 2.39:1 mode combines a cinematic widescreen image with high frame rates up to 150 fps for sensuous slow motion. All sensor modes offer true 800 ASA sensitivity as well as reduced noise, providing the perfect canvas for modern, subtle lighting techniques.

A crucial element of this new system is the LPL lens mount, optimized for large-format sensors. A wider diameter and shorter flange focal depth allows the ARRI Signature Prime lenses and all future large-format optics to be small and lightweight, with a fast T-stop and pleasing bokeh—a combination of features that would not be possible within the confines of the PL lens mount. The LPL mount will also be available for other ARRI cameras such as the ALEXA Mini, and is being licensed to third-party lens and camera manufacturers.

Camera Type    

Large Format (LF) digital camera with electronic viewfinder EVF-1 and built-in radios for ARRI Wireless Remote System, ARRI Wireless Video System and WiFi


All current ARRI ALEXA accessories, LPL lenses and PL lenses with PL-to-LPL adapter

Sensor Mode LF Open Gate

36.70 x 25.54 mm

4448 x 3096, ø 44.71 mm

Sensor Mode LF 16:9

ARRIRAW: 0.75 - 90 fps

ProRes: 0.75 – up to 60 fps

31.68 x 17.82 mm

Sensor Mode LF 2.39:1

ARRIRAW: 0.75 - 90 fps

ProRes: 0.75 – 60 fps

3840 x 2160, ø 36.35 mm

36.70 x 15.31 mm

4448 x 1856, ø 39.76 mm

ARRIRAW: 0.75 - 150 fps

ProRes: 0.75 – up to 100 fps


Electronic rolling shutter, 5.0º - 358.0º

Internal ND Filter            

One of 8 available Large Format Full Spectrum Neutral Density (LF FSND) filters can be inserted manually in front of the sensor (ND 0.3 to ND 2.4)

Exposure Latitude          

14+ stops

Exposure Index

EI 800

Sound Level      

= 20 db(A) while recording LF Open Gate ProRes 4.5K 4444 @ 30 fps and = +30° Celsius (= +86° Fahrenheit), measured 1 m/3 feet in front of the lens

Power In            

11.5 to 34 V DC

Power Out         

4x RS (24 V), 1x 12V (12 V), 1x EXT (24 V), 1x ETH (24 V)

Weight (body + LPL)      

7.8 kg/17.2 lbs.

Dimensions (body + LPL)             

L 364 mm/14.33”

W 201 mm/7.91”

H 158 mm/6.22”

Operating Temperature

-20° C to +45° C (-4° F to +113° F)

Lens Mount      

62 mm LPL mount (LDS-1, LDS-2 & /i)

Flange Focal Depth        


Recording Codecs           

ARRIRAW (.ari)

QuickTime/ProRes (422, 422 HQ, 4444 & 4444 XQ)

Recording Resolutions  

4.5K (sensor modes LF Open Gate and LF 2.39:1)

UHD (sensor mode LF 16:9)

2K 16:9 (in-camera downscale in sensor mode LF 16:9)

HD 16:9 (in-camera downscale in sensor mode LF 16:9)

Supported Media           

SxS PRO+ 256 GB (ProRes)

SXR Capture Drives 1 TB (ARRIRAW or ProRes)

SXR Capture Drives 2 TB (ARRIRAW or ProRes)

Monitor Outputs            

MON OUT 1a, 1b and 2: SDI 6G UHD or SDI 1.5G HD up to 30 fps

MON OUT 3: SDI 1.5 G HD up to 30 fps, also wireless video

Anamorphic de-squeeze for 1.25x, 1.3x, 1.5x, 2x lens squeeze ratios

Image Processing           

16 bit linear in ALEXA Wide Gamut/Log C color space

Target output color spaces: Log C, Rec 709 or Rec 2020

Supports ARRI Look File (ALF-2) with CDL values and a 3D LUT

ARRI Look Files available for SDR, HDR PQ and HDR HLG




1x XLR 5 pin AUDIO IN for 2 channels, line level

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  • Alexa LF
  • Alexa LF

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